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Friends First, Love Forever

Friends first. They say that this is the key to finding love that lasts forever. For Holly and Korey, this is the secret to the success in their relationship.

For years, Holly and Korey were friends. They loved to hike and rock climb, always doing active things outdoors, they were never at a loss for adventure and for laughs.

He trusts her. She has an incredible sense of self and empathy--A sense of adventure and exploration. He found with time that she brings him out of his comfort zone. She feels like home.

And then it hit him: They had an incredible foundation as friends, but he wanted more. He told her and she ran away.

He made the move that transitioned their relationship from friendship. Korey asserts that their 1st date was a climbing adventure on Valentines day with a few other couples. Holly vehemently denies that that was a date.

On the first date that they agree was a date, he asked to kiss her. She said no. And then she ran away.

Korey got the message loud and clear and kept his hands and lips to himself for the next four or five dates. On date five, as they lay on a blanket on the Brooklyn Bridge Promenade, Holly accosted him: "Why haven't you tried to kiss me yet!?"

The tides had turned.

Holly and Korey dated secretly for 4 or 5 months, hiding their blossoming relationship from their friends, but now the secret is out and Holly can no longer run away...

Holly and Korey are engaged!!


Korey and I designed a ring for Holly that features a 1.06-carat Salt & Pepper diamond with unique inclusions and beautifully crisp facets that make its rose cut surface sparkle. The basket that holds the diamond is 18k rose gold to offset the beautiful gray of the diamond.

The design element that stops the show in this custom ring is the 18k white gold band that features intricate wheat pattern engraving created by hand. The wheat pattern is filled with incredible details. From the individually rendered petals and leaves that taper to draw the eyes to the diamond, no detail is too small. Where the band touches at the base of Holly's finger, a four petal blossom completes the design.

I am thrilled to have been a part of creating this symbol of your lives together, Holly and Korey! May your friendship and love last forever!

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