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From "Drab" to "Fab"

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

This heirloom redesign transformed an Emerald ring purchased at auction into a meaningful future heirloom in celebration of Victoria's 30th birthday. In a unique spin on our usual storytelling about the design process, we started an IGTV channel to take you through the process and show a visual of the deconstruction of the original ring, as well as the design process in CAD.

Click HERE to see our IGTV deconstructing the original ring as I began the process of creating Victoria's new Deco-inspired ring.


Victoria's new ring is designed in platinum and is infused with Deco inspiration.

Single cut round diamonds from the original ring are arranged in a walled halo around the emerald, which is raised slightly above the halo and is offset to float in a bezel edged with milgrain. On the right and left of the emerald, 5mm diamond baguettes were used in the halo to add geometry and play up the elongated format of the emerald. The baguettes interact with light differently than the single cut diamonds, enhancing the verticality of the ring with the creation of sharp, linear light.

The band flairs to a 5mm width as it approaches the halo to match the length of the baguettes. Though the diamonds placed on this shoulder are all the same size, the flair of the band and the changing arrangement of the beaded prongs accentuate this flair.

The band flair is echoed in the gallery of the basket with V shaped platinum supports at the north and south of the emerald. Under the emerald, the basket has a base that is the same shape as the emerald and will help stabilize the ring so it does not flip as easily.

With Art Deco inspired motifs and edged with an abundance of milgrain detail, this ring has been transformed from drab to timelessly fab, playing up the extraordinary features of the materials used to create what is sure to become a treasured heirloom.


Do you have a piece of jewelry you'd like to redesign? Shoot me a DM through IG: @originalevedesigns or leave a comment below 👇⁠ Your jewelry should decorate you, not the top of your bureau!⁠

Let's see what beauty we can create together!

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3 komentáře

Victoria Rogers
Victoria Rogers
04. 3. 2021

Eve! My dear! There are no words I can use to describe how over the moon, obsessed I am with this ring! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such an elegant and stunning piece! I am so grateful to not only have partnered with a great designer for this project, but also an amazing friend! I can't wait for future projects to work on together and until then will be shamelessly taking pictures of me and my new bauble doing lots of mundane things until we can properly toast this magical creation you made! THANK YOU! Love, Victoria

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Eve Streicker
Eve Streicker
05. 3. 2021
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