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I Only See You

Technology has a beautiful way of bringing people together. From connecting with long-lost friends via Facebook, to video calling family members living far away to bring their voices and expressions into your living room, technology bonds us. But sometimes, our phones take on personalities of their own, hijacking our intended messages with auto-correct that can make or break a delicate situation.

When Ishaan's phone auto-corrected a message to Jessica after only a few dates, it luckily did not break the connection--instead, it predicted how they would feel about each other in a very short period of time. The phone's auto-correct predicted:

"I only see you"

After Jessica had been working at BMW for a few months, she attended the company holiday party where Ishaan gave a presentation in front of a very large room of colleagues. After he finished, he took his seat at Jessica's table. Her words of congratulations were the first of a conversation that has not stopped to this day. Throughout the evening, their banter and clear connection brought them to each other's side. In only a few months time, Jessica and Ishaan moved in together.

A warp-speed love story ensnared Ishaan and Jessica. Together, they decided to custom create her engagement ring. Using the diamond knowledge she obtained after years of working in merchandising at Tiffany & Co., Jessica led the charge of finding an estate diamond ring to purchase for use in her engagement ring. The couple found a thick gold ring with a large Old European Cut diamond flanked by two small diamonds.

For Jessica, we designed a custom eight-prong vintage-style engagement ring in 18k recycled gold. With a woven scallop pattern composing the basket and a thin band that blends seamlessly into the diamond, the setting of this ring is clean, elegant, and complements the beauty of their stone without distraction.

While the ring features romantic details from the side, no detail in this ring is more romantic than the hand engraved script "I only see you" on the inside of the band.

Nothing makes me happier than a groom-to-be who can play a good natured joke on his sweetheart. Work sent Ishaan and Jessica to Munich. Afterwards, they decided to travel to Italy to check out possible wedding venues. Expecting the ring throughout this romantic wedding planning getaway, Jessica's impatience grew. When Ishaan got on a plane back to the United States and Jessica boarded a plane to London for a weekend with friends, her disappointment was palpable. Little did she know, Ishaan was flying to New York with the plan to quickly board another plane to London, where he surprised Jessica at King's Cross Station at the site of magic with the ring and the promise of forever.

Congratulations to Jessica and Ishaan on your engagement! May you continue to treat each other with love, kindness, and a humor that is palpable and enviable by all.

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