If Thanksgiving Side Dishes Were Jewelry...

The Holiday Season is upon us and we are celebrating the gifting season! Each Original Eve jewelry item is handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, and tells a unique story. But did you know how well our pieces complement your Thanksgiving meal?

If your Thanksgiving side dishes were jewelry, they would come straight out of the Original Eve Collection! Gobble up these delectable delicacies for your loved ones or yourself this holiday season. Pass me the salt and I will ship you the pretty!

If Thanksgiving Side Dishes Were Jewelry...

1) Mashed Potatoes:

Mashed potatoes are the glue of the Thanksgiving meal. While your crazy uncle may be far from neutral, you can carbo-load on this deliciously neutral side and offend no one!

The jewelry equivalent to this crowd pleaser is an every day jewelry staple--The kind of jewelry you never want to take off and can be worn through rants, raves, and relaxation alike. The mashed potato of the jewelry family is... The Azores Stud Earring!

The Azores Studs are the perfect go-to earring. With their unique organic shape and matte finish in buttery 18k yellow gold, they are subtle, yet stylish. 

2) Cranberry Sauce

A little tart, shiny, a bit sweet--Are we talking about cranberry sauce or are we talking about cranberry-color tourmaline earrings that are hand-carved and gemstastic?

The similarities between these side dishes are numerous: One goes on the sides of every tastebud and delights! One goes on the sides of your head and delights!

The intricate pattern carved into the tourmaline and the unique silhouette make the earrings one-of-a-kind. Just like the surprising tangy-sweetness of cranberry sauce, these beauties will be a delightful surprise for someone on your list.

3) Gravy

Drizzle the gravy over every dish on the plate and it still wont be enough! Gravy adds bold flavor and seems to amplify the deliciousness of every part of the meal.

So what is the jewelry equivalent to gravy? The thing that adds yum to every item?

Easy: Diamonds!

It it now possible to customize any of our earrings by adding a dip of diamond gravy to the ear wire! Check out these Pavé Pearl Earring drops in 18k yellow gold. The diamonds add just a touch of sparkly yum to the already gorgeous pearls.

P.S. We can add pavé diamonds to any of our earrings, so if you'd like to customize with a bit of sparkly, let us know!