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Relationship Anthropologist

I am Eve: Gemologist. Designer. Relationship Anthropologist.

For several years, I have made engagement rings and seen couples approach forever from many directions. It’s amazing to see the variety of ways in which people come to the same conclusion:

This is my person forever.

My job is to make symbols of people’s love. I make the jewelry she puts on when she wants to feel beautiful and the jewelry she wears every day as a constant reminder that she is loved by others and herself. I make the special touch he adds to impress, the symbol he sees on his hand to remind him of what waits at the end of the day, and items that are given to mark the most important milestones in life, from anniversary to birthday; childbirth to memorial.

In each occurrence, I am invited into my clients lives to create something personal.

I ask questions, looking for nuances in their relationships. Through my questions, I try to gain a sense of their lifestyle, the things that make her smile, and learn her personality through the eyes of the person who knows her best and loves her most. I learn about things that make their connections unique that can take on a physical uniqueness in the design.

I ask questions to synthesize and hone their relationship into a tangible object.

After creating custom engagement rings for many years, I have found that every path to proposal is as unique as the couple.

The ring featured to the right was the ring given by a husband to his wife after several years of marriage. Having gotten married without a wedding, they crossed from girlfriend/boyfriend to wife/husband without the stages of fiancée/fiancé and bride/groom. There was a level of tradition and formality that felt missing to the husband and wife.

Though the knot had already been tied, the groom asked for parental blessings and was surprised by an incredible gift from her parents: The bride’s parents provided us with a beautiful heirloom diamond to use in our creation. This diamond not only symbolizes the love this groom has for his bride, but also the love of their community and families that have come together to support and celebrate this relationship and love.

This custom designed engagement ring uses an heirloom diamond of 0.58-carats. The setting is made in 18k Yellow Gold with a Hexagonal Bezel featuring unique a facet texture, tapered band with a brushed finish, subtle platinum prongs securing the diamond in place, and two round brilliant accent diamonds that add a dash of sparkle.


I am very lucky to do what I do, not only because I love making beautiful things, love exploring the intricacies of unique stones and custom creations, but also because I love hearing my clients' stories. Love comes in many forms and along many paths. It is a incredible gift to see the various ways someone can be loved and hear stories of the countless ways they end up engaged.

Despite the differences between all of the couples, one thing has been consistent and clear: the engagement ring is treasured by each couple. I am so lucky to create the treasures that are exchanged at these life-altering moments.

Custom Engagement Ring Alternative Bridal New York City

Custom Engagement Ring Alternative Bridal New York City
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