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Sapphire Celebration: Ringing in 70

After I created her future daughter-in-law's engagement ring and a special signet ring for her son to wear, it was time to make a celebration ring for her 70th birthday!

When this client married, pragmatism took hold and she did not get an engagement ring. Since then, she has had a family, a house, and experienced a fulfilling and rich life, but something has been missing this whole time... A beautiful ring!

Always a fan of blue and understated beauty, we create a ring using a brilliant blue oval sapphire from Sri Lanka. This Ceylon sapphire is bright with a gorgeous pattern of faceting. It is, without a doubt, what I would call a "Happy Sapphire"--a saturated royal blue that radiates joy. A "Happy Sapphire" is exactly what she needs for her 70th birthday celebration!

The main focus of the ring is the oval sapphire, which is set East-West in an 18k yellow gold bezel with two tapered diamond baguettes on either side, drawing the eye in to the rich blue gem. The gemstones are elevated above the finger using organic forms that create airy buttresses.

The band echoes these curved forms and tapers to become wider under the finger. This acts as a counterbalance to the sapphire's weight and prevents the ring from spinning. The gentle taper of the band as it approaches the diamonds draws the eye to the stones and allows the gorgeous gems to take center stage.

Celebrating a milestone? Let's get started crafting your celebration ring!

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