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Sapphire Stunner

Almost everything is set for their wedding: They have a date, a venue, and excited family members who are eager for the knot to be tied. But after being long distance (intercontinental) for nearly two years, the groom only moved from Paris to New York a few weeks before we sat down to discuss making Hannah's engagement ring.

That's right: They were engaged and planning a wedding without THE key ingredient:

The Rock!

Hannah and David met in Paris while Hannah was studying abroad. With flights back and forth between New York and Paris, they have maintained a long-distance relationship that turned into an engagement over Skype.

But, no one is truly engaged until the ring is on the hand... So we fixed that!


This custom designed sapphire engagement ring features a 2.09-carat round sapphire with a electric blue hue surrounded by a total of 0.39-carats of marquise shaped diamonds. The halo is composed in Palladium, a metal in the platinum family, with a scalloped interior halo form and millegrain detail along the outer edge to add points of light reflection and vintage charm to the ring. The Sapphire is set in eight 18k Yellow Gold prongs to further enhance the beautiful color of the sapphire and provide balance to the gold knife-edged band.

Colored gemstones are cut to maximize the color within the stone. Because of the way sapphire crystals grow, there are often areas of a crystal that have greater color saturation than others. For this reason, stone cutters will often position color in such a way that it causes the optics of the stone to carry the color evenly throughout the stone. Typically, the best way to spread color is to cut a stone in a way that there are corners, meaning round cuts with such saturation are very uncommon, making this stone better than a diamond in the rough--It's a sapphire in the round!


Working with Hannah and David on this stunning Sapphire engagement ring has been a wonderful experience. I love having the chance to work with the bride and groom together and see the way they operate as a unit. Through the process, I saw how they navigate decisions: With consideration, compromise, and a pleasant and relaxed demeanor atypical of a couple in the midst of wedding planning!

While the design was not a surprise, the proposal took Hannah by surprise. Through a series of quiet side emails, David and I began a slow campaign of hiding the progress of Hannah's ring creation. One year before their wedding date, David proposed to Hannah with the ring we created.

Now, with this brilliant blue ring on her hand, it's hard to hide the fact that Hannah and David are OFFICIALLY engaged!

Félicitations pour vos fiançailles!!

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