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Spectrum Award Winner 2020

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

It is an honor to announce that I have been named the winner of the "Business/Day Wear – WJA Gem DIVA™ Award" category of the 2020 AGTA Spectrum Awards™.

Since 1984, the AGTA Spectrum Awards™ has been the most respected creative competition of the colored gemstone and cultured pearl industry. Each year, a panel of experts honors designers and lapidaries whose work uses natural colored gemstones and cultured pearls in fine jewelry designs. Every entry is evaluated for innovation, quality, craftsmanship, and beauty.

The competition was held on October 24th and 25th in Dallas. The 2020 AGTA Spectrum Awards™ saw more than a 20% increase in entries this year and included many first-time entrants.

Original Eve Designs winning entry is an 18K recycled yellow gold necklace featuring a pear-shaped cultured freshwater Pearl accented with Montana Sapphires and Diamonds.

About The Winning Necklace

The Pear-Shaped Pearl Pendant with Montana Sapphires & Diamonds features an elongated baroque pearl. The unique twisted form of the pearl is echoed and celebrated throughout the design.

Following the ridged twist of the pearl, the 18k Recycled Gold of the pendant twirls on itself creating dynamic movement that brings the eye up and around to the back of the pendant. The back is highly detailed with a unique cut-out of jungle leaves that tie the piece into the Amazon Collection and evoke light coming through the leaves of the canopy in the jungle.

With a graduated spray of Montana Sapphires and Diamonds that lead the eye along a twist of gold, the form of the pearl dictates every detail of the pendant and makes this one-of-a-kind piece a statement for any collection.

The necklace is made in 18k Yellow Gold with a matte satin finish that amplifies the lustrous glow of the pearl.

Pricing upon request.

About The Award

2020 has been an incredible year for recognition of my work. From receiving the Carrelle Grant from The Women's Jewelry Association (WJA) in March to winning a CASE Award from Jeweler's of America in April, I have been honored and recognized, lifting my spirits and made me feel deeply connected to the jewelry industry while in quarantine.

Winning a Spectrum Award, however, is a whole new level of excitement than I have ever felt. This particular award means so much to me.

For the last decade, I have gone to the Tucson Gem Fair and seen the cases of Spectrum Award Winners on display. I have walked around every pedestal and looked at the designs and gemstones from every angle. I have been blown away by the dynamic use of color, phenomenal gemstones, and high quality of materials and craftsmanship. I have gone to the Awards Gala and celebrated as the recipients receive their honors. To be considered a peer to the past recipients by winning this award is even more of an award to me than the Spectrum itself!

When I started my business, I created a bucket list of goals that I wanted to reach over the course of my career. The first item on the list was to "Win a Spectrum Award".

I am utterly overwhelmed to have won this award only four years into running Original Eve Designs. I am humbled, shocked, amazed, and honored to be checking this box.

Thank you to the judges for this incredible honor. Thank you to my mentor Doug Hucker for encouraging me to enter the competition. And a big thank you to my friends and family for allowing me to gush with excitement over this coveted award.

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