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Bespoke Opal Cufflinks With Recessed Blackened Gold Detail in Gold


Using Alana's grandmother's opal from a vintage ring, we modernize the design to create her perfect engagement ring, however, after years of being stored in a safety deposit box, the opal, which is composed on 3-7% water, dehydrated and shattered. If opals are left in a dry environment, they will dehydrate and crack, which we call "crazing".


After only a few weeks of wear, this opal crazed badly, necessitating a new opal for the ring. Not wanting to waste the pieces of her Grandmother's opal, we were able to salvage two small pieces of the original opal and recut them into small, matching cabochons to use in a gift for her fiancé, Anthony, which you see here.


To celebrate her engagement and show her love and appreciation for Anthony, Alana and I designed a pair of cufflinks for him using the cabochons and her engagement ring's silhouette as inspiration.


We were able to repurpose pieces of her grandmother's opal and retain their beauty in pieces that celebrate the love she and Anthony share.


Read more about Alana's ring in two posts on the blog Here and Here


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