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Blue Lace Agate Triangle Trapeze Earrings | 18k Recycled Yellow Gold

Blue Lace Agate Trapeze Earrings | 18k Yellow Gold

SKU: E18Y23011

The unique banded pattern of Blue Lace Agate is a beautiful sight!


It is believed that Blue Lace Agate has a soothing effect on the wearer. With such a subtle, soft shift between shades of sky blue, it is no wonder this beautiful blue gemstone has a calming effect! 


Blue Lace Agate is a cryptocrystalline gemstone made up of minute crystals that are so small they can only be seen with a microscope. This feature gives the blue lace agate remarkable strength and shine on its faceted surface.


Each gemstone displays a unique color pattern.


The earrings are made in 18k Yellow Gold with a matte satin finish.


  • Blue Lace Agate
  • 18k Recycled Yellow Gold
  • 1.75" Length
  • Each Earring Weighs Approximately 3.85g
  • Additional Information

    • Crafted in New York City
    • Please allow 2 weeks for delivery
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