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Old European Cut Diamond and Rose Nouveau Engagement Ring in 18k Yellow Gold


Made for an extremely demanding and difficult client (myself), this engagement ring is my all-time favorite. It was designed by me and gifted to me by my Love.


My engagement ring features a 1.68-carat Old European Cut diamond flanked by two Rose Nouveau diamonds.  A Rose Nouveau is an Old European Cut diamond with a modern modification: The pavilion of the diamond has been recut into a rose cut, giving the diamonds an interesting play with light that causes them to look like sparkling flower buds. 


The diamonds in this ring exhibit my most favorite features of how diamonds play with light with heightened dispersion and watery scintillation.


With years of experience making engagement rings, I wanted a ring that was unlike those I have made before. I used the skills and knowledge I have gained over the years to make the ring unique and extremely wearable. The ring is designed to hold the diamonds low, close to the finger. The band tapers in to accentuate the center stones. The bezel surrounds the central diamond to protect it against me (I am tough on my jewelry) and the settings of the side bud-like diamonds is subtle, so they seem to grow out of the ring, but strong with under supports. I love the subtle milgrain detail around the bezel and the view of the basket down my finger; The soft satin finish lets the gold seemingly melt into my hand.


This ring, and the giver, make me happy every day.



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