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Fordite Earrings in 18k Recycled Yellow Gold, Detroit Agate, Motor City Agate Earrings

Fordite Earrings | 18k Yellow Gold

SKU: E18Y19049

**SOLD** Please email for inquiries about creating a similar piece


The Fordite Earrings are one-of-a-kind.


Fordite, also known as Detroit Agate or Motor City Agate, is a manmade gemstone formed by cutting and polishing hardened automotive paint from the Ford Motor Factory. Fordite was formed from the buildup of layers of enamel paint on surfaces on which cars were hand spray-painted. Because this process for painting cars has been automated, the materials have changed, and the factories where this process took place have been shut down, Fordite is a finite and therefore very valuable material and a piece of American automotive history.


The earrings are made in 18k Yellow Gold with a matte satin finish.


  • One-of-a-kind
  • Additional Information

    • Crafted in New York City
    • Please allow 2 weeks for delivery
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