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Bespoke Alexandrite Engagement Ring with Art Nouveau-Inspired Leaf Details in 18k Recycled Yellow Gold


This solitaire engagement ring features a 1-carat oval Alexandrite of Brazilian Origin that displays no evidence of enhancement or treatment.


Alexandrite is the color-change variety of the mineral Chrysoberyl. In daylight equivalent light, Alexandrite typically appears brownish green or bluish green, greenish blue. In incandescent light, Alexandrite typically appears brownish red to purplish red, reddish purple. The finest examples of this gemstone show dramatic color change from teal-blue to rosy-purple.


The mounting is one of the most challenging and unique ring designs I have created to date. The mounting is an 18-karat yellow gold band featuring ornate leaf details in a matte gold. The leaves seemingly grow from the band to twirl and spin around the Alexandrite holding it in place. This organic structure shows new to old growth leaves and the rippled nuance of individual leaves. The mounting contains 0.04-carat of round brilliant cut diamonds that emerge from the tangle of foliage.


To read more about the story behind this ring, check out the story HERE.


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