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Heirloom Jewelry Redesign with Amethyst Pin Turned Hand Engraved Ring


This heirloom redesign reimagines an antique amethyst pin and turned it into a ring that the owner will wear and incorporate into her daily life.


By creating a custom alloy of gold to match the antique gold of the pin, the ring's band blends seamlessly into the top.


To lighten the existing halo of gold, the band features a split shank that V's to hold the amethyst close to the finger while maintaining a light, feminine appeal.


The hand engraved detail along the split shank was custom created to amplify the existing engraved scroll pattern on the pin. With a gentle swirl demarcating the V, detailed wheat patterning along the edges, and a millegrain detail on the corners of the ring, no area was left untouched by this ornate artistry.


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