For Nicole's Heirloom Redesign, we created a wedding band that is classic, timeless, and riddled with unique details. This heirloom redesign incorporates the diamonds from the wearer's grandmother, inspiration from a ring belonging to the wearer's mother, and the love and birthstones of her husband-to-be.


Drawing inspiration from a ring she inherited from her mother that had an ornate gallery visible from the side, Nicole's wedding band incorporates swirling cut-outs that are visible only from the side.


From the top view, bezels featuring millegrain surround her grandmother's single cut diamonds. This detail consists of small beads of gold along the edge of metal that increase the points of light reflection off of the gold.


Bookending the spray of heirloom diamonds, we have set two glowing red rubies, her partner's birthstone, flanked by a modern diamond form in gold that leads the eye into a knife-edged band. The band tapers as it draws down under the finger. The point of the knife-edge is detailed with millegrain.


Read more about this ring HERE.


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