Pear-Shaped Jelly Opal Amazon Ring | 18k Yellow Gold

Pear-Shaped Jelly Opal Amazon Ring | 18k Yellow Gold

SKU: R18Y2014

This ring features a Pear-Shaped Australian Jelly Opal set in recycled 18k yellow gold.


Jelly Opal is a transparent precious opal with a gelatinous appearance and is more transparent than other types of opal. This means the play-of-color acts differently in a jelly opal: it rolls through the stone rather than appearing in shifting patches. 


With a vivid shifting hue from teal to blue to purple, the gold of the setting emanates in an ethereal glow through the opal.


A sculptural band curves for comfort between the fingers and grows under the finger to counterbalance the gemstone. Every detail, including the leaf-shaped prongs, has been considered.


This ring is one-of-a-kind.

Size 6 (Can be modified)


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