Bespoke Diamond Engagement Ring with Colombian Emerald Sprinkle in 18k Recycled Yellow Gold


The 1.02-carat round brilliant diamond pops as the focal point of this custom engagement ring in a timeless setting using four tapered prongs on a delicate 18k yellow gold band. The ring is designed to be feminie and delicate, with a flourish of emeralds scattered around the ring to create a lacy silhouette. 


As a nod to the bride-to-be's Colombian heritage, we included Colombian emeralds with a light green hue selected to echo the emerald jewelry she has been gifted by family. The emeralds we used are various sizes and are sprinkled down the band and around the basket--a discreet drizzle of color to guide the eye around the ring and add a playful and joyful pop to the traditional setting.


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