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Tahitian Pearl Jungle Bracelet in 14k Rose Gold

Tahitian Pearl Jungle Bracelet | 14k Rose Gold

SKU: B14KR2201

This cuff bracelet features extraordinarily rare miniature Tahitian pearls, ranging from 5-8mm in diameter. Typically, each Tahitian Pearl takes 7-10 months to form and grows to be one of the largest species of saltwater pearls in existence with diameters ranging from 8-18mm on average.


The pearls used in this cuff, however were intentionally cultured in this small scale. Despite their size, the pearls exhibit the pronounced iridescence and saturated colors that make Tahitian Pearls so extraordinary and valuable. The pearls range in hue from a classic and popular peacock, which is an iridescent mix of Green, to Gold and Rose, to deep purple and emerald green.


To amplify the range of hues seen in the pearls, the bracelet is crafted in 14k rose gold--a gold color that has red undertones that beautifully complement the pearls. It features a tangle of leaves the swirl around and under the pearls, holding them in an asymmetrical grouping of various sizes and colors. They remind me of buds on a vine that curls around the wrist.


Created using Computer-Aided Design software, the cuff was 3d-printed in a castable wax resin that was then cast using the lost-wax casting method in a vacuum casting machine. It was hand finished at the bench by me and each hand-drilled Tahitian Pearl was arranged and attached to the cuff with leaves curling around the pearls to hold them securely in place. 

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