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Why Now Is The Moment To Redesign

By this point in your efforts as a #healthhero , quarantine and #socialdistancing have allowed you to do a thorough spring cleaning of every closet, every cabinet, and every drawer. But have you paid attention to the knotted chains, out-of-style inherited baubles, and broken jewelry that have coagulated into a tangled mess at the bottom of your jewelry box?

Now is a great moment for a feel-good facelift for the jewelry items you already have in your possession. You can streamline your collection and make it a reflection of YOU. When you emerge from your quarantine cocoon (or your #quacoon ), dazzle your friends and family with your revamped redesigns.

Read the examples for reasons to redesign below, raid your jewelry box, and be in touch!

4 Great reasons to redesign your jewelry

1) The Crowded jewelry box

We all have them... Inherited pieces of jewelry from that aunt who was a fashionista in the 80s, pieces you have outgrown and don't fit your chic style of today, as well as broken items you miss wearing. Dig them out of that crowded jewelry box and give them new life!

This heirloom redesign reimagines an antique amethyst pin inherited from a relative. We turned the pin into a ring that the owner will now wear and incorporate into her daily life.   By creating a custom alloy of gold, we matched the antique gold of the pin to the ring's band. The hand engraved detail along the new band was custom created to amplify the existing engraved scroll pattern on the pin. Detailed wheat patterning along the edges and a millegrain detail on the corners of the ring, left no area untouched by this ornate artistry.

2) Valuable visual Disaster

You know that stone is worth something, but you would never wear the piece of jewelry. It would make sense to sell it, but you could never find a stone like that again for a reasonable price point! Plus, who would buy something that looks like that? Maybe you feel sentimental about it too... But, my gosh, even in a quarantine, you would never voluntarily put it on!

The solitaire engagement ring we created out of the outdated bauble at right is composed of clean lines, polished surfaces, and personal details.

The ring features a 2.59-carat Old European Diamond set in an 8-prong basket made of a woven scallop design visible only from the profile view. The 18k recycled yellow gold setting is hand-engraved with a personal message to the bride: "I only see you" in script.

3) Celebrating Milestones

Overtime we change and grow. Sometimes, the jewelry that made sense for us to wear at a different moment in our journey no longer makes sense for our lives now. Embrace the change and evolution and update your jewelry to reflect your current aesthetic and situation.

This 25th Anniversary Engagement Ring redesign includes the center diamond and sapphires from her original engagement ring, as well as diamond baguettes from her mother-in-law's 25th Anniversary Ring.   The new ring is made in 18k yellow gold with a matte finish that gives our Art Deco inspiration a modern flare. The round brilliant diamond and sapphires are arranged in a vertical pattern, bezel set with octagonal frames. The diamond is raised slightly above the sapphires to call attention to it as the main stone and give the illusion of greater size.

4) A New Chapter

We receive and wear jewelry to celebrate important milestones in life. When the symbol no longer fits our current situation, it does not mean that milestone was not met and the experience that jewelry celebrates was no formative. You can reenvision the symbols of yesterday to represent your state of mind and being today, incorporating the jewelry into your life now without minimizing its importance in your formation.

Currently in the works, the engagement ring to the right was given to my client by her late husband. Wanting to celebrate their relationship, his life, and the family they created together, we are turning her engagement ring into a pendant in combination with an heirloom pear-shaped diamond from her grandmother, freeing her hand to show her single status and allowing her to embrace her new chapter.

With time at home to finally do the things you have put off, don't forget to go through your jewelry collection. Check out the treasures you already own and let's make transform them to give them new life and make them a reflection of YOU!

Now is the moment...

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