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Bespoke Engagement Ring with Baguette Diamonds and East-West Emerald Cut Diamond in 18k Recycled Yellow Gold


This engagement ring celebrates a modern geometric aesthetic with notes of Art Deco inspiration. With a 0.26-carat baguette set in an East-West Orientation and 0.29-carats of baguettes arranged to extend down the 18k yellow gold band, this ring is a celebration of sharp lines and clean geometry.


Baguettes are small, usually rectangular, step-cut diamonds that are named after the long, thin loaf of French bread: the baguette. A step-cut features facets that run parallel to the edges of the stones, creating lines and rectangles of light reflection and a clear view inside the stone, rendering these cuts ideal for a diamond with high clarity.


Setting the diamonds in 18k yellow gives the ring a modern appeal. The color combination between yellow gold and white diamonds creates a high contrast to catch the eye and highlight the diamonds.


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