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6 Pieces of Jewelry With Messages For Today

Today, when we are experiencing #socialdistancing and quarantine as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic, we are in the position to press pause and reflect on who we are, where we have been, and what/how we want to communicate. The world is changing and much is unknown, but many secrets for handling this moment can be found in materials made by Mother Nature.

Take a look at the jewelry below featuring natural gemstones and let's learn from Mother Nature together!

6 Jewelry Lessons For today:

Phantom quartz is when you see a crystal of quartz INSIDE another crystal. For whatever reason, the growth of the internal crystal was interrupted--maybe there was a temperature change, maybe the chemicals needed to form the gem were no longer present, maybe the pressure let up, etc. But THEN! the conditions returned and the quartz continued to grow around that crystal, capturing it inside. Still visible, but forever changed. In my opinion, infinitely more beautiful.⁠ ✨⁠

We are all Phantom Quartz right now. Our daily routines, growth, directions, assumptions have all been halted. Our conditions have changed. But conditions will return to normal, we will continue on, this too shall pass. We will be forever changed by this break, but sometimes that change results in something more beautiful and magical than what could have or would have been before. Embrace it.

Opal in Chalcedony. You can see the moment where these two materials come together. There is a beautiful edge--a blurred line. The bleed of one material into the other creates a softness. BUT, the materials are separate. They are distinct. They are apart and maintain their separate structures even at that seam.


Let's be like these Opal in Chalcedony earrings. Let's blur the lines and come together while staying fully apart. We can be just as miraculous in our support of one another. ⁠

❤️Come together by staying apart ❤️

Over the course of forming a pearl, a mollusk can be exposed to changes in its environment, such as an increase or decrease in nutrients, changes in water temperature, or storms that can affect the shape, color, and texture of the pearl it is growing.

This pendant celebrates and highlights the nuances caused by change. The pearl is beautiful and unique. 

We, as a society, are weathering a storm. We can focus on the winds, choppy water, and discomfort of working at home with a partner or homeschooling our children... OR, we can look for the markings this storm will cause that make us each a bit more beautiful and unique.

Known as the "wisdom stone", each color of Sapphire brings its own particular brand of knowledge. Sapphire is said to release mental tension, depression, unwanted thoughts and spiritual confusion... All important today. Yellow Sapphire is thought to bring wisdom and prosperity. We need that too!

Aside from these wonderful attributes, one of the things I love most about sapphire is its incredible strength and hardness. You can see this hardness in the sparkle across the surface of these yellow sapphire earrings--having such strength allows them to maintain a high polish, even in the face of everyday wear.

Sapphires are an excellent reminder that even when you face daily wear, you can still sparkle if you are strong enough.

The mark of a beautiful pearl is a luster so sharp you can see your own reflection in its surface.

There is no moment more appropriate for reflection and introspection than this moment now. We are separated from our daily routines, living in isolation to #flattenthecurve and are facing the scary reality that many people we know and love may be struck by a virus we cannot yet control.

Right now is a moment to reflect. We will get through this #togetherapart , but on the other side, perhaps there are changes that need to be made to improve ourselves and our world.

❤️Reflect on positive change ❤️

And, finally, our work:

I've always liked the look of the threader earring, but the thought of stringing a chain through my ear is more than unpleasant... I wore threaders once and got an infection.

So I created a new connection. With a post and butterfly back attached to the chain, you never worry about losing your earring backs or the unpleasant experience of stringing a chain through your ear.

Today, we also need to reenvision connection to avoid painful isolation or possibly infecting or becoming infected. We find ourselves craving human contact while quarantine. To #flattenthecurve , we are reinventing the way we communicate and create bonds. Virtual happy hours, video meetings, phone calls, text groups... We are creating new ways to connect.

❤️We can be distant without feeling distanced. ❤️

Mother Nature has given us clues on how to navigate the current crisis. We just need to pause and look for the meaning in the beautiful things around us:

  1. Take a break

  2. Stay Apart

  3. Change can result in beautiful things

  4. Find strength. It will make you sparkle.

  5. Reflect

And the work for us to do:

6. Search for new ways to connect

Be safe! Be healthy! We are in this Together... Apart. ❤️

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